James Alexander Malcolm McKenzie Fraser?

Almost always when we are getting near a Viewer Milestone, we run a post titled “James Alexander Malcolm McKenzie Fraser,” and it puts us right over the top!

Fraser’s Ridge, North Carolina (?)

Today (July 2012) I arrive in the mountains of Western North Carolina, near to the probable fictional location of Fraser’s Ridge. Lady Glyn and I have to confess to being fans of Diana Gabaldon’s “Outlander” series of novels. She is every bit a match for Claire, but I am sure Jamie was a better fighter than me, and probably looked better in a kilt!



Claire and Jamie found themselves to be Lady and Laird on more than one occasion – not because they were hereditary landed gentry, but because they seized trial and opportunity by the horns and took control of their lives. They were larger than life, because they lived life to the fullest. That, of course, is the stuff of fiction. But good fiction is designed to inspire its readers to a larger than life response. Lady Glyn and I like to hope we share all those traits. We’re certainly not “landed gentry,” but we have often taken life by the horns and ridden out major adventures! So we jumped at the chance to help reforest Scotland with native trees, and become a Laird and Lady in the bargain!

“You bloody, unspeakable, infuriating–” His smile was startling, a white grin in the ruddy face.
“If ye call me a Scot, Sassenach, then I know I’m going to live.”
Chapter 91: Domestic Management, page 787 “The Fiery Cross”

Living is more than surviving — it’s the embracing of adventure, and doing good in the world.

~ Laird Will

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