About Will & Glyn


Laird Will & Lady Glyn (and Rudy the Schnoodle) live in a 250 year old stone farmhouse in southeastern Pennsylvania, called RavenOak. But ’tis true their hearts are in the Highlands, where they have often vacationed – especially in the Western Isles.

“Tha mi toilichte do choinneachadh”

“Nice to Meet You!”

Laird William with MacDonald of Clanranald Tartan

Laird Will is a retired Priest in the Episcopal Church, bagpiper, author, poet, and ‘apprentice’ weaver. He has published two novels of ancient Avalon: The Apple and the Thorn, and Tales of Avalon, as well as several books of poems. All are available at Amazon and other on line booksellers, in print and Kindle formats.

You can email Laird Will at LairdWillMelnyk@yahoo.com

Lady Glyn and the Kennedy Tartan

Lady Glyn is a Priest in the Episcopal Church, weaver, gardener, and cook.  See Lady Glyn’s cooking blog at www.ruppesisterscook.com

Both the Laird and the Lady live under the rule of His Grace, Rudy the Schnoodle.

Rudy the Schnoodle and the Highland Titles Tartan

Rudy the Schnoodle came to live with Lady Glyn and laird will just after Christmas a few years ago. He divides his time pretty evenly between both laps, and sleeps at the foot of the bed (sometimes under the covers if it’s cold!)

Lady Glyn at Saint Columba’s Bay, Iona

Laird Will at the Callanish Stones, Isle of Lewis

Lady Glyn on the Isle of Women in the Sound of Iona

Laird Will on the Moors of Iona, near Dun Manannan

Laird Will on the Pipes

Piping on Iona

MacDonald of Clanranald Tartan, Adapted by Laird Will in honor of the home where he began leasrning the bagpipes

Kennedy – Lady Glyn’s Family Tartan

3 thoughts on “About Will & Glyn

  1. just curious…adopted/adapted tartan…did you adopt and adapt on your own? were you invited to wear it as your own? how did you go about that?

    • The idea of tartans being hereditary property (you can only wear it if you can prove ancestry) is fairly new. In the past, you would wear the tartan of the chief to whom you had sworn allegiance. I give allegiance to MacDonald of Clanranald, because it was in the home of a member of that clan on South Uist where I first began to learn the pipes. So far, the Chief of MacDonald of Clanranald has not told me not to wear it!

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